Happy-flex Double sided PEI flex plate. 310*310 & 235*235, suit X1 & Genius

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Happy-flex Double sided PEI flex plate.

Our Happy-flex Powder-Coated/Smooth PEI Flex Build System is double-sided ensuring that your prints stick to the plate when needed but also giving flexibility to adjust your print bottom smoothness. smooth PEI = Glass smooth & Textured PEI = textured smooth


  • PEI Coating
  • 3M High-Temperature Magnetic Sheet (Up to 110°C sustained)**
  • Corrosion Resistant Spring Steel
  • Flexible For Easy Part Removal
  • Side 1: Smooth PEI Build Surface
  • Side 2: Powder Coated PEI For better part grip

Complete with an easy to follow user guide to ensure you succeed the first time and includes maintenance tips to prolong the life of the build plate.

Suitable for most filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU and more!

When printing with PETG a release agent such as glue stick or hairspray may be required on the smooth side.

The nature of Powder coating PEI means that there may be small color deviations this does not effect printing.

Note: Dimensions do not include the front grip tab. ** 130c short periods


235X235: Creality Ender 3/4/5, Creality CR-20/CR-20 Pro, Geeetech A10 Series (all), Artillery Genius

310X310: Artillery Sidewinder X1, Creality CR-10/CR-10S, Tevo Black Widow, JG Aurora A5 Series, Wanhao D9(300)

**Chart is for reference only. We recommend measuring your build surface before ordering, be AWARE that build plate surface is generally larger than slicer build area.

Package Includes-

  • 1 spring steel plate, with PEI sticker pre-applied
  • 1 Magnetic sheet with 3M adhesive
  • All flexplate magnetic bases should be left at least 24 hours after fitting for the adhesive to "go off" also fully clean the bed with warm soapy water and then IPA prior to install.
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